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Property owners in communities in northern Illinois can count on the Rockford air conditioning and heating company, Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling. Our veteran-owned company offers a range of professional air conditioning services. Our service includes air duct cleaning, filter replacement, preventive AC maintenance, heat pump repair, and AC repair.

If you have a broken air conditioner, if your house won’t stay cool on hot days, or if you can’t use it because of the smells or noises it creates, call us.

Air Conditioning Repair Services Rockford, IL

We have extensive experience in air conditioning repair and HVAC repair. Our in-depth understanding of heating and air conditioning technology and our outstanding service are reasons why we are the most trusted and respected air conditioning and heating contractors in the Rockford, IL, area. For us, customer needs and customer service always come first.
When one of our efficient and friendly repair technicians arrives at your home, they will inspect your system carefully and talk with you about any issues before starting any repairs to your heating and cooling system.

The technician will also inspect components of the AC that interact with the home’s heating, plumbing, and electrical systems. For example, frayed wiring in the thermostat hookups could cause electrical damage or a clogged condensate line could cause a water leak.

You will have the chance to talk to the technician about the details of the repair job and make an informed decision about how to proceed. We won’t pressure you into upgrading your AC or having any part of your air conditioning unit fixed. Our technicians will only do the job that you want.

After our Rockford air conditioning service technician completes any repairs, they will go over the repairs with you, test your AC’s performance, and confirm that you are satisfied before considering the job done.

Protect Your Air Quality in Rockfort, IL

Homes in Rockford, IL, need well-maintained air conditioners and furnaces to protect their families from the health effects of poor air quality.
Air that is too dry can hurt nasal passages, while damp air is a breeding ground for infectious disease. Furnaces and other heating systems can produce toxic gasses, including carbon monoxide. Air conditioners and air ducts can transfer pollen grains, mold spores, and dust particles all over the house.

Keep Your Rockford Air Conditioner Running Smoothly

Don’t wait until your AC stops working completely to schedule a service call with Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling. At our company, our philosophy is to save our customers money and aggravation whenever possible. In our experience, it is often more efficient and economical to repair or replace a worn-out part early in the season than to do more extensive repairs later on when the damaged part fails entirely.

Need Rockford Emergency AC Repair?

If your residential AC suddenly quits or poses a threat to your safety, count on prompt service from Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling. Our Rockford heating and cooling technicians focus exclusively on heating and air conditioning service. Some contractors carry out all sorts of home improvement services, from drywall installation and plumbing. By focusing on AC and furnace service, we make it our business to provide the highest quality of service.

Rockford Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning System Maintenance Rockford, IL

One of the best ways to avoid high Rockford air conditioning bills is to schedule annual servicing, typically as part of spring cleaning. Well-maintained air conditioners keep families happy, improve indoor air quality, and keep energy bills down.

AC System Inspection

Our dedicated Rockford heating and air conditioning specialists will carefully examine every part of your system for risks and signs of damage, including:
  • Refrigerant lines
  • Condenser and evaporator coils
  • Electrical components, including the thermostat
  • Condensate drain lines and other plumbing connections

Ask us about our furnace repair and maintenance as well. If your furnace is not working right, it could clog your ducts and filters with combustion byproducts.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Heat pumps are more energy-efficient alternatives to traditional HVAC systems. If you have a heat pump that needs maintenance or repair, you need an HVAC company with heat pump expertise.

Rockford Air Conditioning
Rockford Air Conditioning

Replace and Upgrade Your Air Conditioner Rockford, IL

If your air conditioner, heat pump, or HVAC system has too many problems to fix, consider replacing their existing system with a new system. Our professional installation services include:

  • Helping you select the right technology for your home
  • Installing your AC in accordance with industry best practices and building codes
  • Hooking your air conditioner up to your plumbing and electrical system
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Call 815-980-9646 to schedule maintenance and repair services with Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling, one of the best heating and cooling contractors in the industry and a leader in Rockford and the surrounding service area. We will gladly answer your questions about our Rockford air conditioning company and its repair and replacement services.

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