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Our indoor spaces have the greatest comfort levels, but harmful pollutants and emissions can quickly make you feel miserable. You may need Rockford, IL, indoor air quality services to eliminate these nasty pollutants and start breathing clean, fresh air again.

Unfortunately, you could have a lot of pollutants inside your home without you realizing it. Besides pet dander and muddy shoes trekking in dirt from outside, indoor air pollutants can also include food particles and fireplace emissions.

However, it’s possible to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures while eliminating poor air quality. At Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling, our HVAC specialists can help improve your indoor air quality.

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Indoor Air Quality
Indoor Air Quality

What Is Indoor Air Quality, and Why Is It Important?

Indoor air quality refers to a building or structure’s air quality and how it affects the health and comfort of those present. Poor indoor air quality has many negative effects, such as: 

  • Reduced comfort: No one likes a home that feels “stuffy” or that has an unpleasant smell. Poor air quality can cause coughing, itchy skin, breathing problems, and make it harder to sleep. 
  • Health risks: Harmful pollutants are especially dangerous if you or your family members have respiratory conditions like asthma. However, anyone can experience adverse health risks due to poor air quality. 
  • Mold spores: Poor air quality often means a home has a high humidity rate and excessive moisture. These conditions are perfect for mold to grow, further creating health risks.

What Other Problems Does Poor Indoor Air Quality Present?

Improving your comfort and health should always be your priority when calling about our Rockford, IL, indoor air quality services team. However, poor indoor air quality can cause other issues as well. For example, this problem forces your HVAC system to work harder.

This process results in your heating and cooling system breaking down faster while increasing your monthly energy bills. Without the right HVAC maintenance services, you may need massive repairs or even an HVAC replacement.

Air Quality
Ductless System

What Are Some Signs You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

The best indoor air quality solutions involve having our team routinely inspect and tune up your HVAC systems. Ideally, you should have our Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling team inspect your heating system in the fall and your cooling system in the spring. 

Of course, even with regular maintenance, you can run into issues. Poor indoor air quality signs can include the following: 

  • You or your family experience allergy or allergy-like symptoms while at home. 
  • You notice increases in your monthly energy bills for no apparent reason. 
  • Your home’s air feels stale and musty, or you can smell some foul odors. 
  • You constantly need to repair your HVAC systems.

Let Our Expert Team Help

The best Rockford, IL, indoor air quality services start by working with Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling. We can provide the following services:

Air Quality Evaluations

Determining whether you have indoor air quality issues is a breeze with air quality testing. We can perform a thorough and non-disruptive air quality check to accurately pinpoint the issue.

Duct and Ventilation Cleaning

Filthy air ducts and other ventilation sources can quickly reduce your HVAC system’s performance and lower your indoor air quality. We can clean your air ducts, ensuring they’re free from obstructions like dirt and debris.

Air Purifiers and Filters

If you have an air purifier, our team can swiftly clean it, ensuring it’s working properly. Depending on the make and model, the cleaning process can be challenging for unlicensed professionals.

However, our team works with all major air purifier brands. We can also regularly change your air filters or clean your air handlers.

New Equipment Recommendations

When dealing with poor indoor air quality, some homeowners believe it’s time to replace their heating and cooling systems.

However, often you may just need additional appliances like air purifiers or handlers, humidifiers, or dehumidifiers. Our team can determine precisely what devices you require and recommend the best model for your budget or needs.

Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling Van

Trust Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling For Indoor Air Quality Services

Dealing with poor indoor air quality can become a headache. Additionally, finding the right HVAC company can be its own challenge.

Fortunately, our Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling team can help improve your indoor air quality at an affordable price. We back every service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

For the best Rockford, IL, indoor air quality services, call us at Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling at 815-980-9646 to schedule an appointment!

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