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Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling replaces all types of furnaces in Rockford. Call 815-980-9646 to request a quote today.

Most furnaces have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Unfortunately, they can develop problems that reduce their performance. Even a well-maintained heating system will need a replacement eventually.

Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling is the go-to company for Rockford, IL, furnace replacement services. Our licensed family-owned company has years of experience replacing furnaces throughout the Rockford area.

Professional Heating System Replacement in Rockford

A new furnace is a major investment. It’s not uncommon to be hesitant about replacing your furnace with a newer model. However, the benefits of a Rockford, IL, furnace replacement from Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling can be the answer to all your heating needs.

As a top HVAC company, we work with all furnace makes and models from some of the industry’s top brands. However, we specialize in installing equipment with exceptional heating efficiencies, like Armstrong Air furnaces with AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) efficiency ratings above 95%. Your home will be comfortable, warm, and cozy with our premium equipment and professional installations.

Types of Furnaces We Install

Choosing the best furnace for your home might be difficult, but our team can help. When you contact us to replace your furnace, we’ll assess your home’s heating requirement, size, ventilation, and budget to determine your ideal options. We’ll inform you of your options and help you make the right decisions for your home’s heating equipment. 

Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling can replace your heating system with the following equipment: 

  • High-efficiency furnaces
  • Natural gas furnaces
  • Electric furnaces

Our skilled technicians and installers don’t only replace furnaces. With our furnace repair and maintenance services, you can be confident your new heating system will run smoothly for years and maintain excellent energy efficiency .

Signs It's Time To Replace Your Heating Equipment

Sometimes, the need for a new furnace is obvious. For instance, the heating unit might stop producing heat despite the effort to repair it. However, there are situations where a furnace replacement is necessary that have less obvious warning signs. 

Give Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling a call for furnace replacement if your current equipment has these issues:

  • Old Age: Though furnaces can last up to 20 years, their efficiency drops after 15 years. 
  • Increased Energy Bills: Furnace inefficiencies can cause unusually high energy bills. 
  • Short Cycling: If your furnace constantly turns on and off quickly or runs when it shouldn’t, it might be time to replace it. 
  • Frequent Repairs: Repairs can keep your furnace running. However, a replacement may be more cost-effective than frequent repairs.
Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling Van

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If you need Rockford, IL, furnace replacement, turn to the professionals at Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling. We offer top-tier HVAC services with world-class customer care. Our trained technicians can help you select your home’s ideal furnace and quickly install the system to ensure your household isn’t without heat when it needs it the most.

Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling offers real-time quotes for furnace replacements, so contact us at 815-980-9646 to begin.

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