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At Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling, we are proud to be the top-rated maintenance and installation service team specializing in ductless air conditioning in Rockford, IL. Our technicians have decades of combined experience working with mini-splits and other ductless systems, earning hundreds of five-star reviews from commercial and residential customers. Whether you’re experiencing problems with your indoor air handler or have weather-related damage on your outdoor unit, we are the business to call.

We provide free consultations and on-site inspections for all our clients, helping them stay, “Totally Hooked on Comfort”. We can help you save time and money by creating maintenance schedules that keep your ductless system in peak condition season after season.

Signs You Need to Call a Maintenance Crew for Your Ductless System in Rockford

Ductless air conditioning in Rockford, IL, is a growing industry that allows homeowners to keep their properties at a comfortable temperature with minimal energy loss. Since cool and warm air in a ductless HVAC system does not need to travel through tubes behind walls, they are less likely to carry dust, pollen, germs, odor-causing gasses, and mold particles.

In addition, ductless cooling and heating systems feature more programmable and electronic components than traditional air conditioners. According to most manufacturers, the average lifespan of a ductless climate control system is between 15 to 20 years, with most problems manifesting in the last five years.

Here are a few signs you might need to call a technician to fix your outdoor or indoor unit.

Fluid Leaks

Because of their sensitive electronics, fluid leaks might render ductless air conditioners inoperable. Refrigerant leaks are more prevalent among air conditioners with more tubes and ducts that might freeze, crack, and rust, but they still happen to ductless systems occasionally.

Ice Formation and Buildup

Ductless systems usually experience ice buildups when they have undiagnosed problems in their evaporator coils. Lack of circulating air leads to condensation freezing over the evaporator coil, causing a ductless system to work inefficiently. Low refrigerant levels, dirty air filters, and fan failure are also prevalent causes.

Unusual Spikes in Your Power Bill

Most people install ductless air conditioning in Rockford, IL, to reduce energy consumption and save on utility costs. However, malfunctioning and poorly maintained parts can produce the opposite effect.

According to the EPA, cooling and heating are responsible for 29% of the utility bills of the average household. A malfunctioning ductless system or furnace typically accounts for unusual spikes in residential power bills.

General Problems

Our technicians at Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling also fix the following problems for many customers in Rockford:
  • Knocking, grating, grinding, and other unusual noises when starting up their mini-splits
  • Random hot and cold spots around their homes
  • Foul smells emanating from their vents
  • Outdoor units refusing to work after an adverse weather event
  • Diminished hot and cold air output
  • Broken remote control
  • And many more

The Benefits of Professional Ductless System Maintenance and Installation

According to consumer research from Oil & Energy, the ductless market in the United States has grown 221% since the technology’s introduction. This impressive growth is no surprise considering the numerous benefits for residential ductless systems. Some of these advantages include the following:

Granular Control

Installing ductless systems allows you to control the temperature in your home per room, unlike central AC units that require an entire structure to have a uniform thermostat. Single-family structures benefit from ductless systems, which can cool and heat bedrooms depending on unique user preferences. Keep your family “Totally Hooked on Comfort” with ductless air conditioning systems from Perfect Temp Heating and Cooling.

Increased Efficiency

Ductless air conditioning in Rockford, IL, allows users to shut off air conditioners in unoccupied rooms. Air from ductless systems does not have to pass through vents, duct work, and channels, minimizing lost heat and cooling energy.

Research from ENERGY STAR reveals ductless systems are nearly 60% more efficient than traditional radiators. Most units also receive better SEER ratings than central heating and cooling devices.

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