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AC Repair Rockford IL

Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling Provides AC Repair Rockford, IL

The moderate climate of Rockford, IL, gives us milder winters and more temperate summers than in some parts of the country. However, the winter holidays and summer vacations just aren’t as enjoyable without dependable cool air and warm air from your heating and air conditioning system.

Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling has extensive expertise in heating, heat pump and AC repair in Rockford, IL. We offer benefits that some AC and heating contractors don’t, such as outstanding service, quality air conditioners, expert installation, and repairs to your air conditioner or heat pump.

Expert Cooling System Maintenance

Heating and air conditioning systems can be complex. Your HVAC connects to your home’s wiring and plumbing. If your AC isn’t running like it should, have one of our technicians come to your location to perform maintenance such as:

  •  Air duct cleaning service
  •  Filter cleaning
  •  Refrigerant top-up services
  •  Clearing of debris from the outdoor unit
  •  Calibration of the HVAC electric circuitry

Our maintenance services will do more than save you money on air conditioner repairs.

Our inspection service can identify problems with the HVAC system that could impact the efficiency of the system.

When our trained technicians catch a problem with the electric circuitry, they could prevent a fire. Installing humidifiers in the basement can protect our residential customers from having to spend a fortune on mold remediation.

When you need a Rockford heating and cooling company to look after your heating and cooling systems, Temp Heating & Cooling is a natural choice. Service is more than a job to our company. Our services help keep our community safe and reduce their energy dependence.

AC Repair Rockford IL

Air Conditioner and HVAC Repair Service in Rockford, Illinois

If your air conditioning produces bad odors, produces warm air, or only cools some parts of the room, you might need the services of a qualified air conditioning and cooling contractor.

Because the different parts of AC systems work together, an inexperienced contractor or heating and AC could misunderstand the problem with your broken air conditioner and make improper repairs. This is particularly true if they are trying to fix the latest heating and AC models or aging systems.

AC Repair Rockford IL

Ductless Mini-Splits Repair Service, Rockford, Illinois

Many of our customers have newer, energy-efficient mini-split systems for AC. Mini-split systems use individual wall units instead of ducts to keep hot air and cool air running through your home. Their main advantage over conventional AC is that you can turn it off and on in individual rooms.

Air Quality and AC Repair Rockford, IL

Preventive servicing keeps the air clean and safe on your property. If you own a home in the Rockford area, keeping filters, ductwork, and your furnace clean can eliminate some sources of odors, breathing problems, and other air quality issues.
If a deep cleaning of your HVAC unit does not resolve any air quality issues, let us help you install a humidifier, dehumidifier, or filtration unit.

HVAC Maintenance and Air Ducts Rockford, Illinois

Having an HVAC unit means combining your heating, air conditioning, and ventilation into a single, interconnected system confers many advantages, chief among them not requiring separate ductwork and vents to deliver cool air and hot air.

HVAC units can sometimes encounter problems because of clogged vents and dirty ducts. If the ducts grow mold or bacteria, these potential health hazards can spread throughout the house rapidly.

In addition to AC repair, Rockford, IL, property owners who use mini-split systems for heating, air conditioning, and air circulation should not overlook the importance of regular maintenance. While they do not require duct cleaning, a service technician should check the fan and filter for each wall unit.

AC Repair Rockford IL

Heating and Air Rockford, IL

Rockford, IL, homeowners depend on knowledgeable and experienced technicians to keep their furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters, and AC units in good repair. Some residential air conditioning repair technicians handle general repair, including plumbing, construction, and electrical work.

Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling focus on heating and air conditioning in Rockford. Our specialization allowed us to become the best Rockford contractors. Just as you trust a plumbing expert to snake your sewer line or an electrician to upgrade your electric service, wouldn’t you want a professional with experience in residential HVAC repairs to handle your next heating service call or air conditioning repair?

Trusted Heating and AC Professionals in Rockford, IL

AC Repair Rockford IL

Why do so many of our customers and their families trust us with the repair, replacement, and installation of their Rockford heating and cooling systems in an emergency? We treat every customer that we work with as a priority. Tending to our customer needs means more than getting HVAC systems fixed, installing humidifiers, or performing furnace servicing. The point of our professional services is to give every home in Rockford, Illinois the protection it needs against hot and cold weather.

In addition to our quality services, you can count on conveniences that make your repair or installation job go smoothly.

  •  A free estimate for installation, maintenance, or repair service
  •  Attractive pricing on our services
  •  The support of a dedicated service technician
  •  Dedicated and attentive customer service when you have questions or problems with our service
  •  Information about rebates and tax incentives for residential AC and heating service
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Repair Your Current Air Conditioning System With Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling Today

For top-rated heating, air conditioning, and duct cleaning services in Rockford, IL, Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling is the best choice. We go the extra mile to serve communities in out service area and stand by the quality of our air conditioning services.

We’re a veteran-owned HVAC company with the experience in AC repair Rockford trusts. Stay cool through the hottest Illinois summer days. Call 815-980-9646 for a free estimate for getting your AC or HVAC system fixed at your location. Ask about emergency service and maintenance plans.

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