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Work with the best AC service team in Rockford, IL, and keep your air conditioner well-maintained by calling Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling at 815-980-9646.

Whenever homeowners want cost-efficient and high-quality maintenance services for their heating and air conditioning systems, they call our technicians at Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling. We are the number one AC service in Rockford, IL, serving a broad range of HVAC systems and helping families to keep warm during winters and cool during the sweltering Illinois summers. We’re experts in furnace repair, air conditioner routine maintenance, and HVAC installation, saving customers thousands of dollars and work hours with our technical skills.

As an independently owned local company, we provide professional service at accessible prices to compete with big-box corporations. However, that does not come at the cost of quality work. Our technicians earn dozens of stellar reviews from clients every month, and we would be honored to have yours as our latest.

Create an installation or maintenance schedule by calling us at Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling today. We offer free consultations for first-time and repeat clients.

Signs Air Conditioner REPAIR in Rockford is Required

According to Bob Vila and HomeAdvisor, the average lifespan of residential air conditioners is between 12 and 17 years, which buyers might extend with routine maintenance. While most air conditioning units will experience problems toward the end of their lifespan, poorly maintained HVAC components might lead to reduced energy efficiency, more pollutants and dust circulating the air, and allergic reactions in residents and guests.

As the leading team for AC service in Rockford, IL, our technicians work hard to preserve the value of the HVAC investments of hundreds of residential customers. We train our professionals and use state-of-the-art diagnostics, installation, and repair equipment to keep their air conditioners at peak performance. Here are a few signs your unit might need an inspection from our team.

Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

The first sign of a poorly maintained air conditioner is usually a thermostat setting that does not match the room temperature. You could have reduced airflow because of blockages in the ductwork, or your evaporator coils have frozen over. In some cases, warm air is due to compressor failure, which would require more sophisticated tools to remediate.

Unusual Humidity Levels

Illinois is famous for having hot, humid, and wet summers. Air conditioners have built-in regulators to reduce the presence of water in the air, which might contain pollutants and allergens. High indoor humidity might cause condensation to accumulate on your window frames and drywall, encouraging mold growth in unseen areas.

Spikes in Your Energy Bill

units with damaged compressors, broken fan motors, and evaporators will perform less efficiently than their well-maintained counterparts. Research from the EPA reveals that furnaces, radiators, and air conditioning units account for more than 29% of the power consumption of the average household. If you see large spikes in your power bill with no clear explanation, you might have a problem with your AC unit.

Why Hire Rockford ac Professionals for Routine Maintenance & Repair?

AC Service Rockford IL

Air conditioners were once analog machines that expelled warmth from rooms and replaced it with cool air. Today, they come with dozens of smart home features, automated temperature sensors, and Wi-Fi receivers that untrained DIYers might damage. For example, our technicians work with air conditioners from Mitsubishi Electric with 3D i-See Sensor Technology, which creates 752 three-dimensional temperature zones inside a room after analyzing the temperature profiles of each occupant.

Working with technicians from Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling gets you the following benefits:

  • A 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Experts with licenses and insurance policies that ensure you are never liable for untoward incidents at a job site
  • Massive time and cost savings by avoiding trial and error
  • Accurate diagnosis of problems in your HVAC system
  • Longer lifespan of furnaces and air conditioners
  • A detailed breakdown of expenses and timetables from trained project planners
  • And more

We can install, maintain and repair window-type, portable, traditional ducted, and split-type air conditioners. We can also work on propane, electric, oil, and propane-powered furnaces, including gas-log fireplaces. Call us today and learn about the services we can offer you.

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