Reliable Heat Pump Installation Rockford, IL

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Heat Pump Installation Rockford IL

Reliable Heat Pump Installation in Rockford, IL

Keep comfortable indoors all year long with our heat pump installation service in Rockford. Request a quote today.

You rely on your HVAC system to keep your home comfortable throughout the year. A reliable heating and cooling system protects you against Rockford, IL’s, freezing winters and hot summers. If you want energy-efficient year-long comfort, installing a heat pump might be the best solution.

Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling provides top-tier heat pump installation in Rockford, IL, and the surrounding areas. We understand the convenience the equipment offers, even in colder climates. We are the experts to call when you want a heating and cooling unit with excellent benefits and a reliable, professional heat pump installation.

What Is a Heat Pump?

Heat pumps are air conditioners that can operate in reverse to remove heat and add warmth to indoor spaces. Like an air conditioner, a heat pump has dual copper lines that connect its indoor coil with an outdoor unit. The refrigerant flows through the lines in one direction on a closed circuit to remove heat from indoor air.

A heat pump works the same way. However, the equipment can reverse the refrigerant’s flow to make the outside unit blow out cold air and heat the indoor coil. With a heat pump, you won’t need a separate air conditioner and furnace because the appliance performs both functions.

Heat Pump Installation Rockford IL

The Best Choice for Rockford Heat Pump Services

Heat pump installation in Rockford, IL, is one of the specialties we provide at Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling. Our HVAC experts have years of experience inspecting, repairing, servicing, and installing heating and cooling equipment.

As a family- and veteran-owned company, we pride ourselves in meeting the HVAC needs of our clients. Every installer and technician receives rigorous training to implement the best solutions to any heating and cooling issue. As heat pump system specialists, we can install, repair, and service all equipment makes and models.

Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling carries quality products from leading brands. Our energy-efficient heat pumps come from reputable brands like Mitsubishi Electric and Armstrong Air. You can be confident your new heat pump system will keep your home comfortable in every season with our expert installation and top-of-the-line products.

Heat Pump Repair

Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling is the go-to source for reliable heat pump repair. If your system isn’t heating or cooling your home properly, our skilled and trained technicians will arrive at your home and perform a thorough unit inspection.

Because of our experience, we can identify early signs of trouble that others might overlook. Once we locate the source of your heat pump’s problem, we’ll provide the best repair services so that you can continue using the appliance.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Routine heat pump maintenance is the best way to prevent premature damage and a total system breakdown is through. Schedule heat pump maintenance at least once yearly with Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling to keep it running smoothly. However, you can ensure the equipment is ready for the winter and summer seasons with biannual servicing each spring and fall. 

We follow a time-tested checklist to ensure that your heat pump is fully functional without consuming excessive energy. While servicing the equipment, our technicians will:

  • Check all components for debris and clogs, including the blower, filter, and all ducts
  • Lubricate motors
  • Make minor repairs
  • Ensure the heat pump has enough airflow
  • Assess electrical connections
Heat Pump Installation Rockford IL

Heat Pump Installation & Replacement

If it’s time to upgrade or replace your current HVAC system, you can rely on Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling to help you find the best system for your home. Modern heat pumps are suitable for all climates. Their excellent alternatives to separate air conditioners and gas or electric furnaces.

We work with several types of heat pumps for heat pump installation in Rockford, IL, including:

  • Ducted air-source heat pumps
  • Ductless mini-split heat pumps
  • Geothermal heat pumps

The equipment is environmentally friendly and offers unmatched energy ratings. Our best heat pump systems have SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio) efficiency ratings up to 20.0 and a 10.0 HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) efficiency rating. Both ratings exceed the Department of Energy’s minimum requirements.

Heat pumps can last up to 15 years with routine maintenance and repairs. If your system is nearing the end of its lifespan or has reduced performance, Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling can replace the unit with a new, high-efficiency model.

Common Signs of Heat Pump Issues

Like standalone furnaces and air conditioners, heat pumps can develop problems over time. However, we can repair or replace your equipment if you notice these warning signs of a heating or cooling problem.

Inadequate Heating or Cooling

When you switch your heat pump from heat to cool and vice versa, the appliance should produce sufficient warm or chilled air. However, if the system struggles to reverse its refrigerant flow, it might have a damaged reversing valve. Contact us immediately to replace the broken component.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is a common HVAC issue that causes a heat pump to run briefly, turn off, and restart moments later. It might not seem problematic. However, it will cause your energy bills to skyrocket, and your HVAC system can develop serious problems that will shorten its lifespan.

Spikes in Utility Bills

Heat pumps should be energy-efficient. You might need heat pump repair if you see an unusual spike in your monthly energy bills.

Unusual Noises

You might hear your heat pump begin or end its cycle. You shouldn’t hear loud knocks, banging, or other unusual sounds coming from the equipment. Loud noises usually indicate trouble.
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No matter which type of heat pump your home has, you can count on the HVAC professionals from Perfect Temp Heating & Cooling to provide unmatched heat pump services. Our family-owned and -operated business strives to provide the best quality care and service for heating and cooling systems, including prompt response times.

Call 815-980-9646 today to request heat pump installation in Rockford, IL, from our HVAC experts.

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