Tips for Choosing the Right Air Conditioner Size: Optimize Cooling Efficiency for Your Space

Whether you’re searching online or in person for an air conditioner, the feeling of being overwhelmed could easily occur due to the number of options. Whether you decide to buy an AC or rent, it is important to have the right size for your space. The size of your AC plays an important role when it comes time for installation. Here are some tips for choosing the right air conditioner size.

Determining the Size

The size of the AC is determined by the number of British Thermal Units(BTU) the air conditioner is rated. When the AC’s BTU is high, it can provide greater cooling. 

It is important to remember that for every square foot, you need to supply 20 BTUs. So if the space has 2,000 square feet, the AC needs to supply 40,000 BTU.

Knowing this does not mean you should attempt to calculate the size because this is only one piece of the entire sizing calculation. To obtain the most accurate size, it is best to contact our air conditioning professionals, like Perfect Temp Heating and Cooling,  who can take a look at your space.

Tips for Choosing the Right Air Conditioner Size

Best Tips for Choosing the Right AC Size

When you need the right-sized air conditioner, you will do yourself a favor by choosing the right size. When you contact us here at Perfect Temp, we can go into detail on choosing the right sized AC, such as using the following tips.

  1. Obtain the Home’s Layout and Square Footage.


    The layout and square footage of the home should be the first thing known before choosing the right-sized AC. You should also have the layout known to know where it is convenient to place the AC unit. If anything, having a multi-zone AC can provide the convenience you want when controlling the temperature.


  2. Have Your Landscaping and Window Placement in Mind.


    When you need to keep your home as cool as possible, keep your windows and landscaping in mind. This includes the window size, amount, and where they are placed, as they also help keep your home cool. This can also be accomplished by planting tall trees and bushes that can reduce the amount of direct sunlight coming in through the window.


  3. The Insulation and Ducting.


    Make sure that the current insulation and ducting are in good condition. If there are no visible issues, you will have a good headstart when ready for the installation.

Let Perfect Temp Help You Choose the Right AC Size

By choosing Perfect Temp Heating and Cooling to help you understand and choose the right AC for your home, you are allowing years of experience and expertise to help guide you through the process. Our knowledgeable technicians can answer any of your questions and help you assess the right size AC unit for your home.

Don’t hesitate to call us! We are here to help and ensure you are satisfied with the process. Call us today to book your appointment or installation and have your home feeling better.

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